In 1997 the respected British broadsheet newspaper, The Independent, ran a story titled: “let's get it straight: curls are history....” The article says “Nothing typecasts a girl quite like a head of curls,” calls ringleted hair “the Miss Havisham look,” and reveals that “natural curlies are... opting out of a bad hair life.” 

It was symptomatic of a mood. The world had signed up to the cult of the poker-straight, rushed to transform tangled mops into sleek manes worthy of keratin-straight icons like Victoria Beckham. In the grip of addiction nobody cared about toxic odors, sleeping with formaldehyde, hours of styling with multi-pronged tongs, or subservience to one perception of beauty. 

We thought differently. As professionals working in NYC, we champion individuality, texture, and personality; we celebrate the kaleidoscope of hair types, shapes and styles we find amongst the ethnic diversity of the Big Apple. The originality of New Yorkers inspires us to think of different ways to cut, color, and style hair. Eager to bring back the visual interest of textured hairstyles, in 2011 we decided it was up to us to return fashion’s eye to sexy waves, bouncy shapes, curvy styles. 

We did our research and discovered a quick, easy, and damage-free permanent texture facility using modern ionic technology. American Wave creates soft and playful looks which are customized to the client, whether one wants more volume, loose waves, big curls, or even a texture reduction to maintain the integrity of the natural shape while making the hair manageable. As important, the service is enjoyable, not scary; the after-care is easy, not difficult; and the hair is fun to touch and play with once more. 

Since its launch in 2012 we have shown American Wave-made hairstyles at a cornucopia of global hair and beauty shows, shared it with thousands of American professionals, produced American Wave-inspired editorial images and videos, and in the salon we use it on clients who want to make the timeless elegance, beauty and grace of texture a part of their identity. Meanwhile, the technology, techniques, and results have featured everywhere from The Today Show to The Chicago Tribune to Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Allure. 

Concurrent to the introduction of American Wave, fashions were starting to change. At New York Fashion Week Spring 2012, Oscar de la Renta sent models down the catwalk wearing magnificent crinkled ringlets; on the Band of Outsiders runway, contemporary beach waves were paired with couture for the first time. Images of Rihanna wearing a curly shag circulated on social media; Allure stated “more women—celebrities included—are embracing their natural texture instead of fighting it,” and girls with curls were encouraged to “go big, like Beyonce.”   

By the summer of 2013 The Guardian, another reputable British broadsheet, had seen enough to proclaim that “Curls are back...a generation of women has emerged from under the steaming shadow of 230C has once again become something to experiment with...a statement of individualism.” 

We are proud to be on the front line of the texture trend and, as germane, to be part of a healthy, free-spirited and unrepressed approach to beauty. Hair should make you look and feel young and carefree, sexy and fun and fabulous. So boost your body and bounce, enhance your natural texture, make your roots pop, create sexy, tousled beach waves and curls suited to the easy-going and versatile fashion and beauty zeitgeist. 

All you need is American Wave.