Racked Visits ARROJO SoHo For An American Wave

dominic antiszko beauty editor Angela Lashbrook had a craving for bodacious waves and curls; she came to ARROJO to discover the new wave of curl. She was so impressed, she wrote all about it. Read the full article on Racked or peruse select extracts below. . . 

The excerpts below are from Words by Angela Lashbrook. 

My healthy, luscious, breathtaking just-waved hair is proof.

The tyranny of flat irons and smoothing creams first fractured in 2012, when celebrities like Gisele Bündchen and Blake Lively popularized warm, sun-kissed skin — and the requisite look of beachy, tousled waves. Compare Vogue online in 2012 — in which there was a total of one story mentioning "beachy waves" —to 2015, during which the magazine published 49 total stories discussing "beachy waves." 

"We’re going to apply curlers to the interior of the head," said my stylist. "That way, the hair will have a more voluminous curl, instead of the gentle waves you had before."

I emerged from the salon three hours later, big-haired and American Waved. To keep my curls intact, I was instructed to wash infrequently and style with a soft curl cream, bunching irregularly-sized strands in my hands for a few seconds and releasing to define an easy curl. To refresh, I had only to spritz my hair with a bit of salt spray, add a small amount of addition curl enhancer, bunch, and go.

So. Am I a bit more Texan than New Orleanian? Sure was. But would I do it again? Absolutely.
It’s called the American Wave, not the American Curl (which is actually the name of an odd-looking cat breed), for a reason. Unlike the traditional perm, Arrojo’s process produces loose, natural-looking waves with a healthy amount of body and movement — so if you’re on the prowl for a head of Shirley Temple curls, go the traditional route.

Upkeep is paramount to guaranteeing happy, shiny waves. I’m using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. . . . and an assortment of styling products from Arrojo to ensure my hair is as healthy and frizz-free as possible. And as anyone who had dyed their hair will know, the less you shampoo, the better.